About the TPEE

The URSSAF network now provides a service intended to simplify the paperwork for private individuals employing staff in France, who are non-resident in France for tax purposes.
If you are employing a French or non-French national to provide lifestyle or home care services during your stay in France, and if you are not going through an association or service provider to file the necessary paperwork…

The TPEE simplifies the process of declaring to the French authorities any wages paid to employees and makes it easy to pay the social contributions for which your are liable as an employer
The TPEE is a free, easy-to-use service provided online. Find out more


New !

The procedures for issuing pay slips for your employees are changing.
From now on, pay slips are accessible by monthly publication, by the 11th of each month at the latest.

From the 01/01/2019 :

New contribution rates for the “supplementary pension” : 

  • The employer contribution "Supplementary pension" increases to 5.23% instead of 5.08%. 
  • The employee contribution "Supplementary pension" increases to 4.79% instead of 4.67%.

The minimal amount of hourly net earnings is :


                      French         Foreign

Real earning basis :     8,58 €           9,02 €

These amounts enclose the 10% for paid holiday.

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